Glossop Circular Glossop Circular


Glossop Circular is a 21 kilometre (13 miles or 30,000 steps) circular walk around Glossop using bridleways, public footpaths, tracks and quite country lanes.

The walk roughly follows the boundary of the Peak District National Park and encompasses stunning views, open moorland, gorse heathland, wet woodland, quite country lanes, industrial heritage, brooks, rivers, reservoirs, pine forests plantations and the occasional watering hole!

In place the walk is very gentle Gamesley Sidings, Derbyshire Level and along the River Etherow whilst other parts are quite steep. The overall ascent and descent is 380m equivalent to 115 floors or to the top floor of the Empire State Building.

Whether you walk the whole walk in one go or walk small parts each week there’s something for everyone.


Please let us know if you spot any issues, errors in the directions or if you can add anything to the information at each sight.